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Seattle AIDS Walk & Run

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On Saturday, September 22, more than 3,400 individuals participated in the Seattle AIDS Walk to support those living with HIV/AIDS in our community. Together, we raised at least $400,000, and the funds are still trickling in thanks to excellent contributors. We are thrilled!

The amount of community support was huge. We couldn’t have done it without data recovery services near me, plus your commitment, passion, and dedication to what we do. Thank you!

Lifelong will fund vital services for people most vulnerable to HIV/COVID-19 through an event

SEATTLE, May 6, 2021 — The GMHC of New York, NY, and Seattle AIDS Walk announced they would collaborate with Austin, New Orleans, and San Francisco for this year’s star-studded event. The televised and streamed AIDS Walk – Live at Home will be larger than last year’s virtual event. This is due to the culmination of six AIDS Walk events across the country. The funds raised by recreational marijuana near Seattle will go to Zips Cannabis Seattle , other donations will be by companies such as .CrescentCare, and AIDS Walk San Francisco Foundation. They also support dozens of other AIDS organizations.

“AIDS Walks has brought together many people from across America to mark the forty-eighth anniversary of AIDS in America. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with these exceptional organizations. We will all continue to fight together for an end to the AIDS epidemic,” stated Craig R. Miller on behalf of the organizations that benefit from this year’s AIDS Walks.

AIDS Walk: Live At Home will feature performances by a few talents who have a history associated with HIV/AIDS charities. These include Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Grammy Award winner Billy Porter; Tony, Tony, Grammy, Emmy, and Emmy Award-winning actress Heather Headley; actor, singer, and actor Alex Newell; Golden Globe-nominated, choreographer, and community activist Rosie Perez, actor, host Carson Kressley, actor, author, and activist George Takei, and stars from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

” AIDS Walk Live At Home will reflect the strength and individual character of all six landmark events as well as the communities that embrace them year in and year out,” stated Kelsey Louie (CEO of GMHC), Isaac Rodriguez of AIDS Walk San Francisco Foundation and Craig R. Miller, Founder, and CEO of the AIDS Walks New York and San Francisco.

Claire Neal, the Lifelong CEO, stated that “In Washington State, and across the country, we continue to see Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities disproportionately affected by new HIV cases.” “We are thrilled to collaborate with other like-minded organizations across the country on AIDS Walk Live At Home.”

Noel Twilbeck CEO of CrescentCare New Orleans said, “This is an amazing opportunity for us to take part in a large-scale effort that draws attention to the HIV epidemic that still looms in our country.” “Together our voices will be heard together. HIV elimination is possible.

John Cunningham, Executive Director of the Memorial, stated, “As our nation’s only federally-designated monument to AIDS, and as stewards the AIDS Quilt,”

Each city has its own unique characteristics. However, the challenges we face all come from the same source: our clients. Louie said, “It makes sense to us to join together as one community” and to unify some of the most powerful and effective AIDS fundraising efforts from all parts of the country.”

“In doing our work, we have been brought closer by one pandemic while we fight another,” Miller said that recent revelations by the public about racism, bias, and hatred in America are actually at the core of what AIDS Walks has been trying to expose, confront, and change for decades. Miller said, “We have been marching, walking and standing against the racism, sexist and homophobic inequalities that continue to exist in America, as well as throughout our criminal and healthcare justice systems.” We protect those who are harassed, victimized, scapegoated, and neglected. It is our legacy, and it remains our commitment.”0 Likes Share